I’m teaching Purcell and Handel at NEC

Orpheus Britannicus Cover

Explore the tuneful arias of George Frederick Handel and Henry Purcell in this online class, which focuses on works in English. 

This is a class for adults, through the School for Continuing Education.

Students will receive coaching during class on musical style and will have opportunities to rehearse during the week with the class accompanist/coach as well.  Besides song preparation, students will explore full-scale works through listening, reading, and other study. There will be a Zoom concert at the end of the semester. 

Instrumentalists are welcome in this class, which offers extensive opportunities for chamber possibilities. 

Meets Wednesday evening 7-8pm, beginning February 3, 2021. https://necmusic.edu/courses/handel-and-purcell-singers-and-instrumentalists

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