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Explore the tuneful arias of George Frederick Handel and Henry Purcell in this online class, which focuses on works in English. 

This is a class for adults, through the School for Continuing Education.

Students will receive coaching during class on musical style and will have opportunities to rehearse during the week with the class accompanist/coach as well.  Besides song preparation, students will explore full-scale works through listening, reading, and other study. There will be a Zoom concert at the end of the semester. 

Instrumentalists are welcome in this class, which offers extensive opportunities for chamber possibilities. 

Meets Wednesday evening 7-8pm, beginning February 3, 2021. https://necmusic.edu/courses/handel-and-purcell-singers-and-instrumentalists

I’m singing two short sets on the Solidarity Salon this Saturday, December 5, 7-9pm, online, of course. There will be a premiere by the wonderful Fran Trester, a little bit of Bach and some tunes that reflect the up and down emotions of the past while. I’m excited to hear the poets and my piano colleague, Debbie Beers, as well. Our March event was cancelled, but I’ve added more songs for this week’s event.

On YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCip09dA5ad49pMFfvqex_Xw

and FaceBook Live https://www.facebook.com/events/404040077299164

From Lisa DeSiro, the mind behind all this: “When we begin the Zoom meeting and go live, people on Facebook will be able to see that the event has started, and then they can watch.”  All new to me, but I have been teaching online for months so I know how to position the camera and mic…

New class, online of course, being offered on Tuesday evenings beginning October 6 (we will skip Election Day). Read all about it, and sign up before the last 3 spaces are taken…

Make the Song your Own

A voice class on Zoom.

8 weeks, Tuesday evenings 7-8:30pm (Eastern) starting October 6 (no class November 3).

$300.  8 folks maximum—only 3 spaces left!

Make your version of a song sound believable, as if you wrote it yourself.  You will learn to make the phrasing, dynamics, timing and other important factors in a magical, musical performance.  And of course, you will learn to expand your range, sing more clearly and beautifully and feel confident you are keeping your voice healthy.

Taught by Elizabeth Anker, who sings, plays piano, and writes arrangements for her choir.  Liz believes folks thrive when given permission to be their best musical selves.

Each class will include group warm ups during which the class will be muted.  Students will receive coaching on their songs (a cappella) many of the 8 weeks, and benefit from observing their classmates improve as well as experiencing their own solo time.  There will be exercises to do in and out of class.

In past classes, one person worked on one song the entire time (finding and choosing verses of John Henry); another wrote some of her own verses to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.  You may choose a few songs to work on, but the purpose of this class is to go deep with one or two songs.   All styles and songwriters are welcome!  

More information/contact the teacher at http://www.ElizabethAnker.com

I’m happily purring along on a short set I’ll be doing with Fran Trester and Lisa DeSiro on Saturday March 21. Packing a cool little concert into 10-12 minutes is a fun project and I’m so happy it’s on the first day of Spring AND Bach’s birthday. So come down and hear a gaggle of poets, a dancer and my student In Paik (also singing with Lisa). Lisa organizes the Solidarity Salons, which are fabulous responses to these “interesting” times.

across from Trinity Church in Copley Square

Free workshop at NEC this Friday, January 31 at 7:00-8:15pm

Pierce Hall, New England Conservatory of Music, 241 St Botolph Street, Boston.

“Vocal health through the ages: strategies for choristers, soloists, and singers of all stripes”

Take care of your (built-in) Stradivarius!

Learn strategies for taking care of your voice through concert weeks, avoiding/dealing with colds and allergies, and maintaining vocal health as you age.

An informative and interactive workshop. 

Free to all, no NEC affiliation necessary. 

Enter through 241 St. Botolph Street, sign in at desk and you will be directed to Pierce Hall.

New semester at New England Conservatory, School of Continuing Education! Starting Wednesday, January 22, 7:00-8:00, a wonderful new take on the Bach Arias class I’ve taught there. Focusing on small chamber pieces that one can perform in a recital or church, we will also include works by Heinrich Schuetz and G.P. Telemann, as well as JSB.


Heinrich Schütz
Heinrich Schuetz

JP_Jubilee_Logo_AI’m so delighted that we keep growing and getting better together.  Our concerts are short and really fun.  Lots of different kinds of songs about light.  And many opportunities for the audience to join in.

Solidarity Salon 8-24-19What do Emma Lazarus, Paul Simon, Emily Dickinson and Sully Prudhomme have in common?  They all wrote poetry I am singing at the Solidarity Salon on August 24.  My colleague Lisa DeSiro creates these, with lots of poets and few musicians.  We each do a short set.  I make my own mix of singing the “regular tune” and having my way with the compositions.  Info in the flyer, above.