I’m singing two short sets on the Solidarity Salon this Saturday, December 5, 7-9pm, online, of course. There will be a premiere by the wonderful Fran Trester, a little bit of Bach and some tunes that reflect the up and down emotions of the past while. I’m excited to hear the poets and my piano colleague, Debbie Beers, as well. Our March event was cancelled, but I’ve added more songs for this week’s event.

On YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCip09dA5ad49pMFfvqex_Xw

and FaceBook Live https://www.facebook.com/events/404040077299164

From Lisa DeSiro, the mind behind all this: “When we begin the Zoom meeting and go live, people on Facebook will be able to see that the event has started, and then they can watch.”  All new to me, but I have been teaching online for months so I know how to position the camera and mic…

I’m happily purring along on a short set I’ll be doing with Fran Trester and Lisa DeSiro on Saturday March 21. Packing a cool little concert into 10-12 minutes is a fun project and I’m so happy it’s on the first day of Spring AND Bach’s birthday. So come down and hear a gaggle of poets, a dancer and my student In Paik (also singing with Lisa). Lisa organizes the Solidarity Salons, which are fabulous responses to these “interesting” times.

across from Trinity Church in Copley Square

Solidarity Salon 8-24-19What do Emma Lazarus, Paul Simon, Emily Dickinson and Sully Prudhomme have in common?  They all wrote poetry I am singing at the Solidarity Salon on August 24.  My colleague Lisa DeSiro creates these, with lots of poets and few musicians.  We each do a short set.  I make my own mix of singing the “regular tune” and having my way with the compositions.  Info in the flyer, above.